Alberto Valverde Artist and technologist, working on the intersection between Art, Science and Technology.
My artistic practice focuses primary on the chaos and the mathematics of representation.

Exhibitions / 2024
Beyond Human Perception
Video installation that allows the audience to visualize the reactions of humans and plants and compare the response of both living beings to a common stimulus: Music
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Exhibitions / 2023
Sound Maps Exhibition - A professional platform for selling art.
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Pojects / 2022
Texturas Sonoras - Universo 3D
A new series of images of Sound Textures, this time in three dimensions and interactive, to be able to explore a UNIVERSE in movement.
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Pojects / 2021
Texturas Sonoras - Silencios, Oslo
The cities at night, deserted, empty, keep ringing. The sound that can barely be heard reverberates on the walls of the buildings covering almost the entire city. From a high place we can pick up this dim but constant 'silence'. The threads that form the images record that the emptiness of a city is whispering to us at night. A whisper that can be seen and heard.
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Pojects / 2020
The causality of the impossible
We are all connected to our past, not just emotionally or genetically, but we are connected to all the events that have been part of our lives. Since the origin of the universe, there have been a series of coincidences, in such a way that some coincidences give results to others, thus reaching the current moment in which we live, like a chain made up of many links, where each link is an event that has brought fate to us.
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Pojects / 2020
Clorofila 3.0 - Prosthetic Garden
Prosthetic Garden is a piece created expressly for the exhibition Biotopias 2, in Parque Doramas. The piece consists of a series of sculptures and sensors, which, incorporated into the plants, measure the electrical oscillations that occur in these plant organisms, thus showing their biochemical reactions to the presence of humans, other living beings, and the environment that surrounds them. surrounds them.
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Chaos, one of the modern challenges to our intelligence and our need to search. Chaos is defined as the non-relationship between cause and effect, that which is governed by chance, chance. In other words, disorder, a system without laws to govern it. But nothing in our universe is outside of these laws, everything is established as the interactions between energy and mass. Therefore, we should define chaos as "the lack of understanding of the cause-effect interactions of a system", that is, even if we do not find it or cannot predict it, it does not mean that it does not have it.

Disorder defines the object as part of a complex set, difficult to understand, because of the relationships between themselves and the observer, the information of the set exceeds that of the sum of each of them separately. The order loses information because it is a forced and non-dynamic state of affairs.
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